One of our core values is honesty and openness. We have good feedback. Regular feedback and open dialogue are critical to the development and comfort of our employees.

Don't harm nature

The position of our company is aimed at sustainable development, combining aesthetics with ethics.

A smart buying approach is important.

When you grow, we grow

At Julvern you get trust and interesting challenges to explore your own path and write your own story. We believe that people need to be trusted with responsible tasks at an early stage of cooperation so that they develop a sense of ownership and involvement. Our business is your business. As you grow, we grow.


Classic meets new. Endless options. New life combined with fresh accessories.

At JULVERN, we strive to provide you with the best possible experience. During all your visits, we remain at your disposal and offer various services.


Combining JULVERN's pioneering approach to outerwear with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, it has been the impetus behind the creation of down jackets that will provide the perfect weather protection for today's adventurers.


Our company helps create jobs by promoting independence, especially for women. This stimulates economic growth in the region of presence. We only select partners who share our respect for people and the environment and who are willing to work with us to improve every aspect of our operations.

Product packaging

Carefully place all items to be returned, as well as their original packaging, in the box. Please leave the box open so that the courier can check the contents. Submit proof of purchase.

Exchange conditions

Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, undamaged and unused, with their original tags.

Terms of exchange

If the product meets the return conditions, we will refund your money within 10 (Ten) days after the product arrives at our warehouse. In addition, you can cancel the order up to the moment when the order was accepted. After that, you cannot cancel your order, but you have the right to return the goods already received in accordance with the current applicable law and the terms of the Agreement.

In the event that any questions regarding the return of goods are not regulated in the Agreement, for more detailed information, call the phone number listed on the website.


Shipping costs are not included in the price and will be added at checkout. Shipping costs vary depending on the addressee. Shipping costs will be finalized and will be included in the total cost of the order.



Authentic Russian cultural brand that meets all the needs of women



We use only natural and environmentally friendly materials


We are responsible for the environmental friendliness of production, so our materials are 95% cotton, which means they are biodegradable

Perfect detail! The raincoat is the signature of the collection, an icon forever, above fashion and out of season!


Second edition. Create a contemporary wardrobe with essential, timeless clothing!


In select stores, discover the innovative option to personalize your trench coat!


В J U L V E R N  we strive to provide you with the best possible experience. During all your visits, we remain at your disposal and offer various services!

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