Exchange conditions

Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, undamaged and unused, with their original tags.

Terms of exchange

If the product meets the return conditions, we will refund your money within 10 (Ten) days after the product arrives at our warehouse. In addition, you can cancel the order up to the moment when the order was accepted. After that, you cannot cancel your order, but you have the right to return the goods already received in accordance with the current applicable law and the terms of the Agreement.

In the event that any questions regarding the return of goods are not regulated in the Agreement, for more detailed information, call the phone number listed on the website.


Shipping costs are not included in the price and will be added at checkout. Shipping costs vary depending on the addressee. Shipping costs will be finalized and will be included in the total cost of the order.

customs duty

When placing an order, we will inform you whether the import customs duty is included in the price of the goods or you will have to pay it separately upon receipt of the goods (in the case of sending the goods to other countries). When delivering goods to Russia, your order will not be subject to customs duties.

Payment Methods

Proceed to payment and select a payment method. If you pay for the order by credit card, payment occurs at the time of purchase. In some cases, if we encounter an issue with your item, we will send you an email explaining the issues and requesting additional information needed to resolve the issue.


Compared to other materials, wool absorbs odors less and does not need to be washed as often, which increases its lifespan. This reduces the amount of electricity, water and cleaning products used and minimizes the negative impact on the environment. The microfibers that wool releases during washing, wear and disposal naturally break down.


Our cotton products contain at least 95% cotton, which means they are biodegradable. Due to the highest quality, long-staple cotton will last for many years, will not lose its appearance even after many washes, and its author's design will be the highlight of any style.
Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. It is grown using technologies that do not harm nature and humans. At the same time, genetically modified seeds are not used, which helps to preserve the biological diversity of seeds and soil fertility.


Our company helps create jobs by promoting independence, especially for women. This stimulates economic growth in the region of presence. We only select partners who share our respect for people and the environment and who are willing to work with us to improve every aspect of our operations.


One of our core values is honesty and openness. We have good feedback. Regular feedback and open dialogue are critical to the development and comfort of our employees.

When you grow, we grow

At Julvern you get trust and interesting challenges to explore your own path and write your own story. We believe that people need to be trusted with responsible tasks at an early stage of cooperation so that they develop a sense of ownership and involvement. Our business is your business. As you grow, we grow.

Craftsmanship, luxury and modern design. Starting from 2014, JULVERN story has always been synonymous with elegance and experimentation. Julvern was conceived as a brand that will anticipate the changing desires and the most sophisticated tastes of our self-reliant customers. Over the years, Julvern has become an inspiring Russian lifestyle brand that has flawlessly maintains its heritage. Today we continue to showcase our vision of modern femininity.


Similar to the care of products made of natural fur. Gentle dry cleaning recommended. Do not steam, iron, wash. If it is crumpled during transportation, let the product hang for 1-2 days.

Patterns of our products are focused on the Russian figure. Invoices differ in pile height, shape and curl density.


Is the concept and ideology that manifest themselves through our Russian identity, in our market footprint, and, which is more important, in our customers.



A J U L V E R N woman embodies the spirit of strong, life-loving women all over the world. Women whose mantra is above fashion and out of the mainstream.


We are responsible for the environmental friendliness of our production process that is why our materials contain 95% cotton, which means they are biodegradable.


Committed to the legacy of respect and inclusion, we design our luxury products in such a way that they will last forever. Together we create J U L V E R N.

Perfect detail! The raincoat is the signature of the collection, an icon forever, above fashion and out of season!

We continue to delight our customers and create unique high quality items based on the best creative solutions.


In select stores, discover the innovative option to personalize your trench coat!


В J U L V E R N  we strive to provide you with the best possible experience. During all your visits, we remain at your disposal and offer various services!

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